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Passionate, Heart-centered Life Coach and Reiki practitioner. Let's Join Forces and Conquer Your Goals!
From the Desk of Jetahn Johnson
When my journey began I was living life in survival mode. I was at a transition point, one of a divorced mother of 3 small children and my goal was to provide for and give them a good and happy life.
 It was not easy and I worked hard and struggled for a while. I always had the mindset of "I can do it, I'll make a way" And then it hit me.
 I realized that "I can" and "make a way" also means to realize that I deserve more and I can get it. I have the power.
When I let go of stressing over things I had no control of and went into a new transition of living life with purpose, things began to open up for me.
I had clarity and focus on what goals I wanted to achieve, step by step I made progress toward the life of fulfillment, happiness and abundance for myself and my children. 
I worked hard and at same time became a certified life coach also studied Reiki (energy work) as a practitioner, I believe in working with the body, mind and spirit.
 I realized that my life purpose is one of service and by combining life coach/empowerment and energy balancing I am able to provide this.  
Along with my training, my life experiences and years of service, I designed and developed a program; that I have helped hundreds of people transform their life's, which I am honored to be a part of.
Connecting to and re-activating that 
inner warrior that is within each person, to achieve their goals.

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Jetahn Johnson
Founder of  The Activated Warrior Life Coaching, LLC
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